Virtual House of Commons: COVID-19 Debate

On 12 May, the virtual House of Commons debated Covid-19. Member of Parliament for the Cities of London & Westminster. Nickie Aiken was selected to speak and wanted to highlight the outstanding voluntary activities across the Two Cities and the excellent work of the Corporation of London and Westminster City Council in supporting local people, businesses and communities. Unfortunately, Nickie was not called by the Speaker as time ran out for her to speak. 

You can watch the speech that Nickie would have presented to the House above.

In her speech, Nickie welcomes the extension of the Job Retention Scheme - and highlighted the concerns of the leisure and hospitality sectors in central London. She points out the economic impact of loss of tourist revenue and enforced social distancing on key entertainment venues including West End Theatres and the Royal Albert Hall. In closing, Nickie re-emphasises the need to reform business rates -  and emphasises the need for all businesses to contribute to rebuilding our economy in the post-Covid world.