Royal Parks should be used considerately and responsibly, urges local MP

Member of Parliament for the Cities of London & Westminster, Nickie Aiken, has called on people who intend to use central London’s Royal Parks now restrictions have eased to remain considerate and responsible while using them.

From last Wednesday, lockdown restrictions slightly eased to allow people to exercise for an unlimited amount of time outside of their home as long as they maintain socially distancing. The change has prompted fears from some locals that people from outside of Central London could flock to its parks for their exercise.

Responding to these concerns Nickie commented, “Where possible people should take their exercise as near to home as possible, that’s the sensible thing to do. The advice is yes to more exercise but do it responsibly and considerately. The Royal Parks have only remained open throughout lockdown to give local people green space to exercise in. I certainly don’t think we’re going to see hordes coming into the Royal Parks any time soon."

Nickie added, “Hopefully we will be seeing more workers in Central London, so we will be expecting to see more workers enjoying the parks on their lunch breaks. But I would hope that whoever does come would do it sensibly. I’ve been really impressed with how people have been social distancing in the parks, and parks run by the council. My children and I have been going on several walks a week, it’s been a great help physically and mentally.”

Nickie was also critical of anti-lockdown demonstrations in Hyde Park last weekend warning their actions could have consequences for others. Nickie added, “Mass protesting against the lockdown in a park does not constitute considerate or responsible use. Mass gatherings have been halted as they are deemed to be a danger to public health. If protests similar to those on Saturday continue to occur access to parks may have to be reduced. This would be a real shame as the vast majority who are visiting parks responsibly.”

You can find more information, including the opening times of each park, on the Royal Parks website.