My Plan for the Cities of London & Westminster

I voted Remain in the referendum in 2016. Three years on however, I share the majority of the public's frustration that we have come to a standstill and no other policies or priorities are being considered because of the Brexit stagnation and paralysis in Parliament. I believe we must for the sake of democracy and the trust in our democratic process accept the decision of the referendum result, get Brexit done and move on as a country to introduce the legislation required to improve public services, build our economy and be an inclusive and outward looking country on the global stage. This will allow me to deliver my local plan for the Cities of London and Westminster.

  • Securing more police on our streets

    Working with local people, I’ve been campaigning to keep our police stations open. I support the Prime Minister’s commitment to get an extra 20,000 police officers on our streets.

  • Tackling rough sleeping

    I am proud of my track record of tackling the underlying causes of rough sleeping. As your MP, I will work with government to secure more services, resources and powers to end rough sleeping.

  • Ending abuse of short-term letting

    I have been pressuring companies, including AirBnB and, to tighten up their systems to avoid abuse of short-term letting. As your MP, I will push for legislation to give local authorities stronger powers to deal with landlords who abuse the 90 night rule.

  • Supporting excellent public services

    As Leader of Westminster City Council I have focused on ensuring we have excellent public services locally for children, young people and our ageing population.

  • Helping local businesses thrive

    A strong economy improves livings standards for all. Companies must play their part in supporting the communities in which they operate. Large corporates must pay their fair share of tax but we must also look to reform business rates to reflect the changes in consumer habits.