Take Nickie's COVID-19 Survey

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on all of our lives. As the Member of Parliament for the Cities of London & Westminster, Nickie has worked hard to support people and businesses across the Two Cities as much as possible.

During 2020 Nickie received over 10,000 emails from constituents and business owners, a significant proportion of which related to the impact of COVID-19.

To ensure people had access to the right information, Nickie set up a Coronavirus section on this website and created an online business directory to support businesses that remained open during the first national lockdown. 

Nickie is keen to hear how COVID-19 has affected people who either live or work in the Two Cities.

People have been affected in different ways by COVID and I am keen to hear from you and the whole community about your experiences during this very difficult time.

Nickie Aiken MP  

Please complete the survey below, and share with friends, family and work colleagues. If we choose to publish the results of this survey, your individual participation will remain private, and comments will not be shared with anyone else without your explicit permission.    


COVID-19 Survey

  • 1 Current Your Health
  • 2 Your Work
  • 3 Your plans for the future
  • 4 Your details
1. Have you or anyone in your immediate family been tested positive for COVID-19?
2. Do you know anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19?
3. Have you lost a family member or loved one as a result of COVID-19?
4. Do you support lockdown in order to protect the NHS and save lives while the vaccine programme is rolled out?
5. When you are offered your vaccine for COVID-19 will you be accepting it?


"Let's take this next step, safely" says Two Cities MP Nickie Aiken

As the country takes its next step in unlocking some of the COVID restrictions that the country has faced over the last 12 months, Nickie Aiken, MP for the Two Cities, looks forward to being able to hug friends and family once more but cautions that we must remain vigilant if we want to see the f