Show your support: Tackling short-term lets

^ Nickie met with local people in the Hyde Park Estate to learn more about their experiences of the Short-Lets Sector.

Nickie knows that lettings on platforms such as AirBnB can cause significant problems for local people.

Visitors arriving at all times of the day and night cause noise, unpleasantness and leaving their rubbish on the pavement. Too many flats have been turned into short-term lets rather than longer tenancies of six, twelve months or more. This leads to a rental supply problem and increased rents.

Nickie has lobbied AirBnB to take an industry lead and has encouraged them to accept a registration scheme; provide local authorities with full disclosure of the properties in their area and enforce the 90-night rule. Nickie is delighted that they have accepted her arguments and have recently published a White Paper which you can find at Nickie will now lobby Ministers to urge them to accept these recommendations and take a tougher line on landlords who choose to breach the rules.

Show your support: Tackling short-term lets

We, the undersigned, want to see more done to tackle the negative impacts of short-term letting?