Do you agree with Nickie's campaign for leasehold reform?

Nickie welcomed the announcement in the Queen’s Speech to introduce new laws to reform leasehold tenure and make buying or extending lease agreements easier, faster, fairer and cheaper.

Nickie thinks it is essential to give leaseholders greater control over their leases and make it easier to acquire freeholds and the Right to Manage. Nickie also welcomes the proposals for a Renters’ Reform Bill, which will improve security for tenants while protecting a landlord’s right and ability to remove problematic occupants.

Nickie has also met a number of my constituents living in the cladding nightmare, has spoken about the issue in the Commons and met with Ministers to raise constituents’ concerns. Although, Nickie welcomes the Government’s package of financial support, she believes that those who bought their homes in good faith should not have to pay to remove unsafe cladding.

Do you agree with Nickie's campaign for leasehold reform?

We, the undersigned, agree that leaseholds need to be reformed?