Two Cities Business Directory

Since the beginning of the pandemic, local MP Nickie Aiken has been keen to promote services and facilities available to people living in the Two Cities.

Having provided a list of food delivery options across the Cities of London & Westminster earlier in April - available here - lots of local people got in touch to highlight other businesses who at still trading at this time.

The Two Cities is home to so many wonderful small independent shops and it’s important to support now during the Covid-19 crisis but also equally as important to support them once the recovery begins and the lockdown conditions begin to be lifted and beyond.

So, as a resource for local people and to support our business community across the Two Cities, Nickie has launched an an online directory of businesses currently open to the public.

You can browse the list of shops by clicking on the menu on left hand side.

To ensure a business is included in the directory, please fill out the form below. We will aim to double check the information provided to ensure accuracy and information which cannot be verified will not be included.

Please note: Anyone is welcome to nominate any business in the Cities of London & Westminster. Inclusion of a particular business should not be seen as an endorsement by Nickie Aiken MP.

Supporting local businesses

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Please fill out as much information as possible. We will only be publishing information from businesses operating within the Cities of London & Westminster.